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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Scientists Mrs Catley's group

Welcome to Mrs Catley's Class!


For the past 3 weeeks we have been going to the beach with Miss Hegarty's group for Beach School. We have done lots of exploring; we made marks in the sand with our hands and stones, we built stone structures and made patterns with them. But our favourite part was paddling in the water!!!

Mud bricks experiment

After watching a video clip about life in Africa, the children asked if they could make mud houses. We started off by making mud bricks using egg boxes as moulds. The children worked in pairs and experimented with the soil, sand and water to find the right consistency for their bricks. We left them to dry for a few days in the sun. Unfortunately, on this occasion, our experiment was unsuccessful as the bricks crumbled when we took them out. Some of the children decided to try again in their independent learning time.....ending in making mud pies instead!

Balancing Act!

We used beanbags and quoits to see if we could balance things on our heads as well as Handa did with her basket of fruit. It was tricky!!
We read the story 'Handa's Surprise'. The children were fascinated by Handa carrying the fruit on her head. They weaved their own baskets using wool and a paper plate and tried to balance them on their heads.
The children have been fascinated by the experiments that they have been doing in adult focus time, so we set up a science lab for them to consolidate their learning during independent learning time.

We have been doing lots of experiments. We wear our lab coats to protect our clothes. We combined different ingredients to see how they reacted with each other. Some changed colour, others went "fizzy" and others smelt funny. We recorded our results.


Members of St Nicholas Church in Hornsea raised money for the nursery's Kids in the Kitchen project.We have purchased class sets for the children to bake and cook together. On Thursday 2nd March, we invited some of the church members to visit the nursery, to do some baking with the children and look around the nursery. Our group had a wonderful time making chocolate buns (Poppy and Millie's idea) and showing our visitors their favourite areas in the nursery. We had a little tea party at the end and the whole nursery sang them songs to say thank you.

Tin can robots

Continuing our theme, we made robots out of tin cans, which the children had collected and other spare parts.
Our group has been exploring robots. One of our Beebots wasn't working so we dismantled it to discover how it worked.
We learnt how to make the Beebots travel in directions.

Baking apple muffins

Shopping for ingredients!

Shopping for ingredients! 1
Shopping for ingredients! 2
Shopping for ingredients! 3
Shopping for ingredients! 4
Laura wanted to bake with apples, so we decided to make Apple Muffins. We went to the shops to buy the ingredients. We all chose an item and paid the lady at the till. She gave us a receipt. Caesy's mummy and Mrs White came with us to help.
We have been talking about space and reading the story 'Aliens love underpants' by Claire Freedman. The children made their own alien sandwiches. They buttered the bread, cut the ham and cheese, put everything together, finishing it off with an eye....or 2.....or 3 on top.
What a pleasant surprise the snow was!!! We loved exploring in it, making snowballs, snowmen and working together to play with the sledges.


We have been celebrating Diwali, learning about different cultures and celebrations. We created Rangoli patterns using a variety of media. We made Diva lamps and tasted some Indian was delicious.

We have been making shapes and patterns.