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Hornsea Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Did you know you have a choice of provision? You can choose from a traditional nursery or an Outdoor Nursery.
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Hornsea Nursery School

“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Mathematicians Mrs Dallimore's group

Exploring and Learning

Exploring and Learning 1
Exploring and Learning 2
Exploring and Learning 3
Exploring and Learning 4
Exploring and Learning 5
Exploring and Learning 6
Exploring and Learning 7
Exploring and Learning 8
Exploring and Learning 9
Exploring and Learning 10
Exploring and Learning 11
Exploring and Learning 12

Lego Explorers

Lego Explorers 1
Lego Explorers 2
Lego Explorers 3
Lego Explorers 4
Lego Explorers 5
Lego Explorers 6
Lego Explorers 7
Lego Explorers 8
Lego Explorers 9
Lego Explorers 10
Lego Explorers 11

Enjoying being writers...writing for different purposes.

Painting Clear Umbrellas!

Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt! 1
Treasure Hunt! 2
Treasure Hunt! 3
Treasure Hunt! 4
Treasure Hunt! 5
Treasure Hunt! 6
Treasure Hunt! 7

Building our Gingerbread Men a home...

Robin Hood!

Planting Sunflower seeds

Planting Sunflower seeds 1
Planting Sunflower seeds 2
Planting Sunflower seeds 3
Planting Sunflower seeds 4
Planting Sunflower seeds 5
Planting Sunflower seeds 6
Planting Sunflower seeds 7
Planting Sunflower seeds 8
Planting Sunflower seeds 9
Planting Sunflower seeds 10
Planting Sunflower seeds 11
Planting Sunflower seeds 12
Planting Sunflower seeds 13
Planting Sunflower seeds 14
Planting Sunflower seeds 15
Planting Sunflower seeds 16

Making a Bug Hotel

Making a Bug Hotel 1
Making a Bug Hotel 2
Making a Bug Hotel 3
Making a Bug Hotel 4
Making a Bug Hotel 5
Making a Bug Hotel 6
Making a Bug Hotel 7
Making a Bug Hotel 8
Making a Bug Hotel 9
Making a Bug Hotel 10
Making a Bug Hotel 11
Making a Bug Hotel 12
Making a Bug Hotel 13
Making a Bug Hotel 14
Making a Bug Hotel 15
Making a Bug Hotel 16
Making a Bug Hotel 17
Making a Bug Hotel 18
Making a Bug Hotel 19
Making a Bug Hotel 20

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen 1
Kids in the Kitchen 2
Kids in the Kitchen 3
Kids in the Kitchen 4
Kids in the Kitchen 5
Kids in the Kitchen 6
Kids in the Kitchen 7
Kids in the Kitchen 8
Kids in the Kitchen 9
Kids in the Kitchen 10
Kids in the Kitchen 11
Kids in the Kitchen 12

Snack Time at Forest School

We are Mathematicians and have been learning all about Fibonacci

Welcome to Mrs Dallimore's Class!


We enjoyed having the Firefighters come to visit us!

Making predictions and testing their ideas

Thinking of ideas and finding ways to solve problems