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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Miss Lade

Continuing from learning about our plants grow, we have been looking at different flowers this week. We learnt how there are lots of different types of flowers and some children told Miss Lade how they have seen lots of Snowdrops and Daffodils when going out for walks. we had a go at making flowers in lots of different ways. We have used paint, pencils and clay to make flowers.
We have loved exploring the snow this week! It has been very exciting for everybody and we made snowmen, snow angels and enjoyed sliding down the snow covered hill!

This week we have explored different types of plants and how they grow. We have learnt that some plants can grow from bulbs and some can grow from seeds. We learnt that all plants need water, soil and sun to grow. The Engineers have planted their own cress seeds to watch how the grow and change over time. We were all very surprised at how quickly they grew!

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We listened to the story of the origin of the Chinese New Year and really enjoyed how the animals had a race! We learnt that 2021 is the year of the Ox and we looked at what an Ox was as some of us didn't know. We made our own New Year Drums to use in the celebrations and tried different foods made for Chinese New Year.
We have learnt all about the Moon this week! We looked at the phases of Moon and learnt why the Moon doesn't look the same in night sky each time we look at it. We also made our own Moon Buggies using Lego to help us explore the surface of the Moon. We talked about how the needed big, strong wheels to move around the bumpy surface and not get stuck.
This week we have learnt about the different cold places on Earth. We had an ice experiment where we had to rescue animals that were stuck in the ice! We also made our own snowy small world for the Artic and Antartic animals. The children have really enjoyed learning about cold climates this week.
The children really enjoyed learning about Space, particularly about Earth and their home. This week we have started learning more about Earth. We enjoyed looking at the model of Earth and asked lots of good questions. We made our own playdough to make a model of Earth. We have also learnt about the layers of the Earth and had a go at making our own edible version! 
We have enjoyed coming back to nursery after the break and welcoming the new children into our group. We have explored outside and found lots of ice! We talked about how ice is made and how we could make our own ice. We've also practise our reading and loved looking at the different books in the nursery. 
The Engineers have been practising their maths and mark making recently. We love numbers! We are getting good at 1:1 correspondence up to 10, recognising numerals and matching the numerals to the quantity. We also love discussing which numbers are of importance to us. We love to use chalk for our mark making and have been practising our shapes and writing patterns.

Moving and Handling

We are enjoying exploring the different opportunities to practise our physical development. We love baking, making playdough and our tinkering area. The Engineers are getting very good at remembering to wash their hands first, listen to instructions to stay safe. Some are now telling these instructions to the adult! We can ask for help if we need it and are all developing our resilience and independence. 

The Solar System

The Engineers have continued to learn about The Solar System and Space. We have been very creative and made rockets out of lots of different materials and objects. We can name all the planets, and talk about their features. Our favourite planet is Jupiter as it is the biggest.
We have been busy learning about the planets and space. We wanted to go and see all the planets but we didn't know how to get there. With some thinking and problem-solving we decided to build a space rocket! All the children helped decide how to build it before working together to build it. 
This week we have been continuing to explore Elmer's journey through the story. We looked at the Jungle and had a go a painting with berries just like Elmer. We also looked at the pumpkins which had been brought in. Some were small and others were really big, round and heavy. One was cut open and we had a good look inside. The children agreed that the inside was very slimy.

Exploring Colour Mixing

The children had a go at mixing colours to see if we could make all the colours Elmer has in his patchwork. We found out that red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green and red, yellow and blue make brown!

September with the Engineers


It has been a very busy month getting back to nursery. We have been getting used to our nursery routine and exploring the environment inside and outside.

Our Learning in September

Exploring outside!