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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Week 7


This week, we are thinking about celebrations.

  • Read the book 'Dave's Big Day' on Bug Club. Can you remember what happened in the story?
  • Think back to when you have been to or had a party.
    • What things were there?
    • Did Dave have anything different at his party?
    • Did Dave have anything that was the same?
  • Draw some of the things that you need to have a party eg balloons, cake, food, music, presents etc.


  • Have a look at the 'Odd Word Out' document (below). Have a look at the pictures and say each of the words that are on the same line. One more does not rhyme with the others.
    • Can you work out which one does not rhyme?
    • Can you say just the rhyming words in a row?
    • Can you make a silly sentence out of the rhyming words? eg The cat was on a mat wearing a funny hat.
  • It is also World Nursery Rhyme Week, can you try to learn a new Nursery rhyme everyday this week.

Mark Making

If you are beginning to do so please remember to practise to copy the letters in your name. For everyone else, please practising drawing anticlockwise circles and lines with pencils, crayons, chalk, sand and a stick, paint or water and paintbrushes. This helps us to develop our muscles so that we can begin to write when we are ready.

Talk Time

This week's Talk Time is all about our favourite things. Talk to your grown-up about the different animals and what your favourite one is. Try to use the sentence starter "my favourite animal is..." or "I like...".

Learning Break Ideas

Have a go at Miss Wilding's scavenger hunt. Have a look around your home and see if you can you find

  • a hairbrush
  • a teddy
  • a toothbrush
  • a hat
  • a blue pencil/pen


If you want to make things harder, see if you can find

  • something that makes a sound
  • something that smells
  • something that moves
  • something that is fluffy
  • something that is hard
  • something you like eating