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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

We are an Ofsted rated OUTSTANDING Nursery School. Apply now for your child's place. If you require paper copies of any of the documents on the website, please contact the office. We provide copies free of charge.
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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Special Educational Needs Information

SendCo Details

Our Sendco is Mrs Alison Taylor

She can be contacted on, 01964 534396

Parent Testimony


'Proud mummy and daddy moment, with huge thanks to you all, for understanding that learning is different for some, for always listening and willing to try new way's to help maximize learning. (child's name) learns differently he can't hold a conversation with you or tell you how his day has been, but he learns words as a whole and look at what he has achieved '


'Amazing to think that just over 2 years ago he said 2-3 words, didn't wave at anyone, didn't point and was used to attending his private setting nursery 1.5 days a week. His previous nursery just didn't understand his complex needs.
Now at almost
5 he has found his voice. "Bye Scatley, Bye Ms Mayooo, Bye Miss High". "High five!". I never dreamed of seeing the day he'd actually be able to identify words. Simply amazing.
Thank you everyone for your continued support and love for (Child's name) which has enabled his remarkable growth. I am truly gutted that he is leaving your nursery :('


'Hornsea Nursery school IS amazing, my eldest two (now 12 and 10) absolutely loved it. The staff are incredible and the kids are so happy which equals very happy parents too. There was never any other option when choosing a Nursery for (child's name) who leaves this coming week to start big school... xx'


'We can never thank you all enough. Leaving your child, the most precious person in your life in the care of others is a scary task, add into that your child having complex SEN and the worry is ten fold. We knew instantly that (child's name) would be safe, cared for and more importantly his educational needs would be met.

Well they haven't just been met you have gone above and beyond, you have all taken a little boy who could not talk, who lived in his own little world who walked the... boundaries in endless circles and you have changed his and our lives forever.

You looked passed the screams and different behaviour and saw a way to better his life, you spent the time doing interventions finding motivating objects, building him a box for his animals, you took the time to understand how he learns, and who would have thought 2yrs ago he would be where he is now, the progress he has made is immense a little boy who could not communicate now has a voice, the little boy who once sat alone has made friends and what a finale he can read.

It has been a battle to ensure (child's name) has been afforded every opportunity to grow along side his peers, we couldn't have won those fights with out your endless support and listening ear's.

So from the very bottom of our hearts thank you, you are the difference and we love you for it.'


'Thank you for creating a amazing environment for my son to learn and grow'

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Disability and Special Educational Needs SEND Offer

Disability and Special Educational Needs Report 2021 - 2022