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“Where children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

What will my child do? - Online Floor Book

Welcome to our online floor book, a place to discover some of the things we have been doing at Outdoor Nursery.

(You will find the most recent week first.)

W/C 07/06/21


We have had a lovely first week back in Outdoor Nursery. We have been learning all about grass this week. We planted tomato plants that Mrs Dallimore's dad gave us and we have been growing cress to have in sandwiches next week.

During our phonics we have been practicing our letter sounds and reading CVC words.

In our Little Big Maths we have been measuring our forest school resources by using different units: inches and centimetres.


W/C 24/05/21


We have had a mix of weather this week!

We have been learning all about streams this week, which was quite convenient considering the amount of rain we had.

We have continued to explore numbers to 20 through different activities.

During phonics we have been blending and segmenting CVC words, we are learning to read!

W/C 17/05/21

W/C 26/04/21 We have seen some lovely examples of team work, friendship, concentration, problem solving, and perseverance. We have also been lucky enough to experience 'Living Eggs' and watch the life cycle of a chick.

W/C 19/04/21 This week we have been learning all about fascinating fossils. We have explored our own collection of fossils, made our own fossils using clay, and turned into archaeologists. 

The children have also been learning some of the symbols that can be found on maps and now know 12 orienteering symbols.

This week was also 'Earth Day' (22/04/21) We discussed how we could look after our planet, enjoyed playing in nature and read 'Our Journey Home' 

W/C 12/04/21 This week we focused our learning on 'Bees'. We have learnt lots of new information about different bees and how they make the honey. We introduced new vocabulary such as tessellation, hexagon, hibernation and honeycomb. 

The children have loved this mini topic especially tasting honey. 

W/C 01/03/21 We enjoyed taking part in World Book Day activities, we became authors and illustrators.

We learnt all about seeds, parts of a plant and discussed what plants might need to grow. We used the seeds to plant, make patterns and pictures using transient art.

In our 'Little Big Maths' sessions we have learnt all about the number 10.

In February we finally had snow! We had such fun throwing snowballs, sledging and making snow angels.
In January we had a frosty start back in outdoor nursery but the hot chocolates and marshmallows around the fire warmed us up. We had lots of fun in the mud and conducting experiments.
In November we explored and discovered about lots of different things including the Northern Lights and Hibernation. We also celebrated Diwali by making our own Diva lamps and eating Indian cuisine around the campfire.

W/C 09/11/20

This week we have been using tools. We all listened and watched carefully and watched the 'tool talk' throughout. We have used loppers, peelers and a bow saw. We made a bow and arrows to use in our tin can alley.

W/C 02/11/20

This week we have been learning about birds and how to look after them. We have also been learning about hibernation, we all found this really interesting and we became engineers whilst building enclosures for the hibernating animals, we had lots of problems to solve.

W/C 19/10/20 

This week we explored apples.

We discovered that apple trees can live to be 100 years old, did apple printing and dipped apples in melted chocolate.


Towards the end of the week we explored pumpkins, carved them, roasted pumpkin seeds and did a Halloween hunt!

W/C 12/10/20

It has been all about leaves this week in Outdoor Nursery. We have identified them, made flowers, made leaf man pictures, measured them, used sticks to make marks on the leaf coloured forest floor, learnt all about the 4 seasons, printed with them and made a fantastic leaf bowl.

W/C 05/10/20

This week in Outdoor Nursery we have been doing lots of planting in the allotment and around the forest. 

We have planted a blackberry and blueberry bush, broad beans, created 2 wildflower beds, planted spring flowering bulb and discovered the different parts of a plant and what they need to grow.

We have discovered all about spiders this week ...


This week we read Clever Stick and Stick man, collected lots of sticks to make our own stick men and make bundles of 10 to practice counting in 10s ...
(18-9-20) We celebrated Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). We talked about being our best selves (Te-shu-va)  and dipped bread and apple in honey to represent sweetness.
Lets find out more about bugs, insects and worms ..

W/C 14/09/20

We decided we would use fabric bags for our book bags to help protect the planet.

They needed a print on the front to personalise them...

The first job we needed to do was fill the bird feeders; we are hoping that lots of different birds will visit us.

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